Film and Television

Irrational Man PRINCIPAL (amusement park attendant) Woody Allen, dir.
IRIS PRINCIPAL (nurse) Diane Rodriguez, dir.
Talking to God SUPPORTING (Yocheved) Maya Batash, dir.
The Women (click to watch) PRINCIPAL (Helene) Diane English, dir.
Mona Wonderstein (click to watch) LEAD (Mona Wonderstein) Marie Farina, dir.
Urban Relics LEAD (Det. Reilly) Roger Saquet, dir.
Teacakes or Cannoli SUPPORTING (mom) Nick Pepicelli, dir.
Duck. Love. (click to watch) LEAD (old lady in park) Samsung Fresh Films
Live Again PRINCIPAL (nurse) Nippas Productions
Primetime: What Would You Do? Guest Star ABC Network
Nurse Jackie Featured (Mrs Hoppe) Showtime Network
New Amsterdam Day Player (crying wife) Fox Network
Good Day! Guest Star WCVB-TV
Chronicle Guest Star WCVB-TV
Miller's Court Guest Star WCVB-TV
Evening Magazine Guest Star WCVB-TV
A World of Difference Day Player WCVB-TV
Couple's Test Day Player WCVB-TV


INDUSTRIALS (representative clients)

Hewlett-Packard; AT&T; TJ Maxx; Papa Gino's; New Hampshire Department of Education; Dallas Science Museum; Digital Software; Wang Industrials; Boston Science Museum; Jordan Marsh Department Stores; Cabletron Systems; Spectura Paints; Marriot Corp; GE Corp; Mass. Department of Public Health; Blue Cross-Blue Shield; Harvard Community Health; Mutual Benefit; IBM; Houghton-Mifflin; AMP Corp; DVX Corp; LDI; Haemonetics; Nashua Corp; DecWorld

COMMERCIALS (on-camera principal)

NBC World Series Promo (click to watch); Cablevision of Boston; Salvation Army; Massachusetts Department of Health; Casa Myrna PSA; "Couple Test" Promo for WCVB-TV

VOICE-OVER (click to listen to demo)

McDonald's; Massachusetts Department of Tourism; FedEx; Science Museum of Boston; Pyrotector Trade Show; Boston Phoenix; Johnny Carino's Restaurant; Dec World Trade Show; Dallas Science Museum; Cablevision of Boston